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Developer Resources

For the majority of use cases, we recommend you use our Zapier endpoints which can be found in the Postman documentation.

If you wish to include Willo as part of your no-code project then please use the Zapier integration. This integration is always being developed, and if you have any feature requests please let us know.

We are proud to be natively integrated and partnered with Greenhouse ATS. You can find out more about how to connect Willo with Greenhouse below.

Additional Information

Please contact us on live chat with any questions or to have your sandbox account upgraded.

Willo talent acquisition logo

Video interviewing, screening and recruitment platform by Willo®
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The traditional recruitment process takes on average 23 days according to Glassdoor 2015 report.
With Willo it takes 14 days due to the absence of 9 days of phone interviewing. Saving 40% or a third.
Candidates gave us a Net Promoter Score® of 86 in March 2020